Meet Deevah D

Creative Entrepreneur. 

Content Creator.

Creative Planner.



There is a spotlight of sun shining on me all the time. I believe that laughter is phonetic joy & empathy is the earths heartbeat. A perfect day  for me is a productive one. I am my father’s namesake, the apple of my mothers eye, and my ancestor’s wildest dreams.


Humble- yet simultaneously aware of my power. My idolization of God connects me to black women in ways that only she can understand. I am a creator and a wanderlust. Luxury is my birthright. Opportunity knocks continuously.


Curses don’t move past me. I am nothing like they expected and not one that will soon be forgotten. I posses the warmth and sizzle of the fire. I speak love fluently. I am an experienced based learner and everyone is my lesson. My alarm clock is blaring and it’s time to get up. I have glass ceilings to shatter and I’m tired of procrastinating.

Find Your Faith. Then Apply Pressure